cartoon and story can save your career

Presentations benefit greatly from the use of props. People aren’t going to buy into your argument if you rely solely on your words. Visual aids like charts and cartoons, as well as tangible props like products and tools, are excellent options to consider. Verbal props can take a variety of forms, such as famous quotations, anecdotes, plays, poems, or even rhetorical questions themselves.

The following is a true account of how I was able to save face in front of my company’s auditors thanks to a combination of my newly acquired communication skills and various props.

According to the auditors’ report, I had exceeded my purchasing approval authority as the chief supply manager. They seemed to think that our computer system had a system of approval authority, and I tried to explain to them the difference between that and implementation authority. Until I met with them, they didn’t believe my explanation.

The meeting felt as if it went on forever. The auditors were determined to stick to their “observation,” and everyone in the room was aware of my position.

Finally, it was time for me to take the lead. At the outset, “Quoted in full by George Bernard Shaw: ‘You can say anything in the right key, but nothing in the wrong key.’ This cartoon and parable that I’m handing out can help you find the correct key.”

As of this point, no one had objected to my unconventional approach – at least not yet.

Continued after everyone had a copy of the handout, I said, “

“In this cartoon, we see a representation of the story of the elephant and the six blind men. To see the elephant, six blind men had to use their hands to examine it.

The elephant was touched by each of the participants and their observations were recorded. ‘The elephant must be a snake,’ said the first who held the swaying trunk.’ Next, a man grabbed the elephant’s tail and remarked, ‘The elephant is really like a rope!’ This elephant is like a brick wall,’ one of the other passengers exclaimed. Next, he said, “The elephant is just like a tree.” The fifth said, “You are all wrong, I know it is like a spear,” while holding the tusk. “This elephant is surely like a fan,” the sixth observed after feeling the flapping ear.”

The nervous laughter dissipated the tenseness, and now everyone was more at ease. After that, I described our computer system as an “elephant” in terms of its sheer size and complexity, as well as the poor quality of our documentation. Since the auditors were there for two weeks, it was impossible for them to fully comprehend the system’s workings at that time. At this point, everyone’s heads nodded in agreement. Then I showed them a flowchart of our approval process, emphasizing that the “approval” they were focusing on was only “an approval to print”.

The audit report was revised as a result of their acceptance of my argument. Even though the facts remained unchanged from my previous discussions with them, I packaged my sale and they agreed to buy it.

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